Non-Volatile Memory

Contour is developing non-volatile memory products that address the $25 billion flash memory market, with a focus on the rapidly growing Solid State Drive (SSD), Mobile Computing and Internet of Things (IoT) segments. 

Contour's patented Diode Transistor Memory (DTM™) technology offers significant technical advantages over traditional NAND flash memory, including, superior performance, endurance and retention - features that have for years frustrated developers working with NAND flash memory and have increased the complexity and cost of their finished products.





Simplified Processing

Memory components are manufactured in multi-billion dollar fabrication facilities (fabs). For over thirty years, memory manufacturers have primarily focused their cost reduction efforts on shrinking lithography, increasing wafer size and improving tool throughput.

Contour has added a new focus to the equation by reducing the number of mask and process steps in the fab.

With fewer mask layers and steps than traditional NAND flash memory, a DTM™ fab requires significantly less capital to construct.






Lowest Production Cost

Without sacrificing features, our approach results in a three-fold improvement in capacity for a fab, with a corresponding 65% reduction in wafer cost when compared to NAND. The benefits to memory and product developers are incredible:

  • Manufacturers can increase the production capacity of existing fab investments by 3X, and dramatically reduce future fab CapEx.
  • Product developers using DTM™ in their designs will find it requires less sophisticated ECC and offers more granular writing, both of which equate to better performing  applications.